"I code...therefore I AM!"


Whether you are recruiting for a group, club, or organization, marketing a product or service, or simply wanting guests to visit your slice of the web-pie, your site must not only attract visitors but it must attract repeat visitors. Internet research indicates that web surfers and potential clients are looking for and expect fast loading pages, new and fresh content, and ease of navigation from their web destinations. Your visitors demand it so why don't you! It's what we provide at Design Lunacy.

Design Lunacy's website design and development services are very reasonably priced and the results are vibrant. We make it easily affordable to have a professionally designed web home. We consult with you in every phase of the development and design process to ensure a design that works for you allowing you to view your website as it evolves. We employ many different technologies to solve your web presence needs. Utilizing such technologies as; XML, HTML, DHTML, Java, Flash, CSS, Portable Document Format (.PDF) and others!

We often hear, "maybe I should save some dough and just build my site myself." This is great if you have the time to take away from your business or personal endeavors. And you have the leading-edge development software packages to build your site. And you have training in web design and development and a half-dozen friends with the same to help you meet your timelines. And this and that and...Still not sure if you need to utilize a designer? A professional designer will save you precious time so that you can have a life.

For about the same price as a decent web site design program, a web designer knows all the programs, has all the tools to get your site up and running now, and already possesses the skills necessary to get your site on the Net. Design Lunacy means experience! Our lead designer brings 20 years of Information Technology experience to the table. Think about all the time you will save rather than trying to figure it out for yourself.

Whether you are a small business, a startup, a club or group, a nonprofit or community service organization, or simply an individual looking for a way to say "hi!" on the world wide web in a creative and innovative fashion, we're here for you! Your future on the Net begins today...and we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us by phone at 775.934.3721 or by e-mail, now for a price quote for your site. Hurry, the Web awaits!

Design Lunacy offers:

—Experience, over 20 years of Information Technology experience
—Domain name registration through PairNIC, an industry leading domain registrar
—Web site hosting through Pair Networks, an industry leader in web hosting
—Web design and development from your specifications from start to finish
—Web site maintenance and content updates
—Graphic design including print and web graphics, logo design, and custom artwork
—Digital photography (local area only)
—Meta-tag insertion
—Restructuring or redesigning your existing web site
—Advertising banner design
—Animation design including Flash animation for site intro and page titles
—Form design
—Online documents including the most popular formats; MS Word, Portable Document Format (.PDF), etc.
—and more


Let Design Lunacy help you and your web presence. Let us bring the WOW factor to your site! Ask about our specials now!

DL wishes to welcome Touch of Heaven Spas of Elko, Nevada to the Design Lunacy family. Touch of Heaven is a full service spa and pool business, locally owned and operated, and known for its superior customer service! Please join Design Lunacy in welcoming Touch of Heaven Spas to the World Wide Web!


04.21.1988 Tandy Plans to Build IBM PS/2 Clones...

Tandy Corp. holds a press conference in New York to announce its plans to build clones of IBM's PS/2 system computers. The conference comes on the heels of IBM's announcement that it would license patents on key PC technologies, a move that signaled its willingness to let other companies clone its machines. Within five years, IBM clones became more popular than original IBM machines themselves.


Abbreviation of integrated services digital network, an international communications standard for sending voice, video, and data over digital telephone lines or normal telephone wires. ISDN supports data transfer rates of 64 Kbps (64,000 bits per second).

There are two types of ISDN:

Basic Rate Interface (BRI) -- consists of two 64-Kbps B-channels and one D-channel for transmitting control information.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) -- consists of 23 B-channels and one D-channel (U.S.) or 30 B-channels and one D-channel (Europe).

The original version of ISDN employs baseband transmission. Another version, called B-ISDN, uses broadband transmission and is able to support transmission rates of 1.5 Mbps. B-ISDN requires fiber optic cables and is not widely available.



Design Lunacy's costs are lower than most designers. For around $100 plus site development cost you can have a web presence that will stand out and promote your business for a year! We host with Pair Networks an industry-leader in site hosting and one of the fastest services in the business. They host over 200,000 sites
from all over the world so you know you are with the best! With Pair, you are hosting your site on a legitimate hosting service not an ISP with a few megs of space and slow backbone connections to the Internet.

The web design team you choose must understand current and developing technologies, web trends, and how to effectively target your site visitors. Design Lunacy is a full service web development and design service. Design Lunacy means experience! Our lead designer brings brings 20 years of Information Technology experience to the table.

Design Lunacy includes services and pays attention to details the others don’t like; meta-tag insertion, use of CSS, custom graphics and Flash animation design, scripting, free-updates for six months, and much, MUCH more!

From our clients to web surfers to web award services one thing is clear...folks love thinking from the fringe and that means, Design Lunacy. Our clients love the work we do for them. Visitors to sites designed by us continually garner rave remarks and even web design award services wish to take a few moments to send kudos our way. Sites designed by Design Lunacy get noticed. Look at these comments:

• "Your site is bad!!! My friends think your site is the coolest thing!"
• "Frank, you are the man! The site is awesome. Superior as always!"
• "ROCKS! Really rocks! I seriously love it. The interface is excellent. I am very impressed!"
• "Hi Frank! Terrific web site! You sure do great things for the community."
• "We liked the Mix 96 FM look and had hoped to have something similar for one of our stations."

-Development Cost: $50/hr *ask about our non profit or not for profit rates
-Hosting Cost: $96/yr *special pay for a year in advance and host for only $72/yr
-One time set up fee for virtual domain configuration on Pair Networks: $15
-Domain Registration Cost through PairNIC: $19/yr *periodic discounts for multiple year registration
-Ask about our other services including; digital photography, site maintenance, administration, custom graphics, Flash animation. All prices are subject to change with no prior notice.

Whether you are a small business, a startup, a club or group, a nonprofit or community service organization, or simply an individual looking for a way to say "hi!" on the world wide web in a creative and innovative fashion, we're here for you! Your future on the Net begins today... contact us by phone at 775.934.3721 or by e-mail to begin discussing your web development and Internet needs.