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This is the page where we put the talk, the skinny, the buzz about what people are saying about Design Lunacy. From our clients, to web surfers, to web award services one thing is clear...folks love thinking from the fringe and that means, Design Lunacy. Our clients love the work we do for them. Visitors to sites designed by us continually garner rave remarks and even web design award services wish to take a few moments to send kudos our way. Sites designed by Design Lunacy get noticed. Contact us and come see why you ought to be thinking from the lunatic fringe of web design, Design Lunacy!


Our sites are among the best the Net has to offer. Dynamic, technology-rich, robust sites on the Web. Don't believe us? Then at least believe the comments given to us by our peers. Sites designed by Design Lunacy get noticed. Bottom line. Don't just take our word for it. Organizations all over the world have commented on sites designed by us. Here are just a few of the awards our sites have won.

These global organizations think highly enough of our work that they have honored sites developed by us with awards such as; The Gold Artsy Award from the ArtsyAwards.com website, Hoover Web Design's Talented Webmaster Award, the High Powered Graphics Award of Excellence, the Golden Web Page Award sponsored by the Golden Web Page site, the World Web Award of Excellence from the members of Art Space 2000 and the prestigious Golden Web Awards' Professional Member of the International Association of Web Masters & Designers' Theater Guide Services 4 Star web award.

In turn, we also like to recognize those organizations who take time to review, critique, and bestow awards. It is a daunting task to review thousands, if not, tens of thousands of web sites and we appreciate the time these services take to give us professional feedback.

Here's what some of our fans say about sites created by Design Lunacy:

• "Looks terrific!"
- Barbara Wayne from Nevada

• "It looks great, super job!"
- Kevin Faust from Nevada

• "Frank Your site is awesome !! How impressive it is ! I love the colors and lay out."
- Victoria Grey from Nevada

• "I like your web page - I think it looks pretty sweet."
- JP LeSpade from Washington

• "We liked the Mix 96 FM look and had hoped to have something similar for one of our stations.."
- Shawn Knight, Knight Broadcasting from California

• "Hi Frank, just a quick note to let you know what an awesome job you have done with the site. I haven't seen it for months and I was browsing through and it looks great!"
- Lisa Galindo from Nevada

• "It looks really sharp"
- John Wright from Nevada

• " I must give you props on the design layout. Looks pretty. The color scheme is fine. I like your use of CSS. Like I said earlier, I like the colors and the overall design layout!"
- Reggie Stevens from Nevada


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DL wishes to welcome Touch of Heaven Spas of Elko, Nevada to the Design Lunacy family. Touch of Heaven is a full service spa and pool business, locally owned and operated, and known for its superior customer service! Please join Design Lunacy in welcoming Touch of Heaven Spas to the World Wide Web!


04.21.1988 Tandy Plans to Build IBM PS/2 Clones...

Tandy Corp. holds a press conference in New York to announce its plans to build clones of IBM's PS/2 system computers. The conference comes on the heels of IBM's announcement that it would license patents on key PC technologies, a move that signaled its willingness to let other companies clone its machines. Within five years, IBM clones became more popular than original IBM machines themselves.


Abbreviation of integrated services digital network, an international communications standard for sending voice, video, and data over digital telephone lines or normal telephone wires. ISDN supports data transfer rates of 64 Kbps (64,000 bits per second).

There are two types of ISDN:

Basic Rate Interface (BRI) -- consists of two 64-Kbps B-channels and one D-channel for transmitting control information.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) -- consists of 23 B-channels and one D-channel (U.S.) or 30 B-channels and one D-channel (Europe).

The original version of ISDN employs baseband transmission. Another version, called B-ISDN, uses broadband transmission and is able to support transmission rates of 1.5 Mbps. B-ISDN requires fiber optic cables and is not widely available.


Talk from the streets...

• "The new site looks good. Chalk up another awesome page for the fringe!"
-John from Nevada

• "I just had a look at your site - very creative! You've made my day :)"
-Shane Wilson from the Internet

• "Absolutely love your site, amazing work."
-Don from Auckland, New Zealand

• "Your site is great! Finally wandered over to your website - it kicks patootie, man! Intro is good, and not too long."
-Dawn Schmidt from the Internet

• "I just wanted to tell you it looks great. You have outdone yourself, yet again"
-Earl Coy from Nevada

• "The interface is excellent. I must say that I am very impressed. YOU ROCK!"
-JK Meyers, MD from Nevada

• "Wow!!! It looks so great!"
-Kelly from the Internet

-Shanna from the Internet

• "Frank, you are the man! The site is awesome. Superior as always!"
-April McNeil from Nevada

• "Hello, thank you for the invitation to your site. It is Great!!"
-High Power Graphics from the Internet

• "Cool site!"
-Hoover Web Design from the Internet

• "Great work!"
-Shawn Heflick from the Internet

• "Your site is bad!!! My friends think your site is the coolest thing!"
-Jaron from the Internet

• "I checked out your cool web site, looks great!"
-Pastor Dayne Heese from Nevada

• "What an awesome web page!"
-M. from Nevada

• "Dude, cool site. You did a very good job."
-P.B. from Nevada

- jkm from Nevada

• "Hi Frank! Terrific web site! You sure do great things for the community. Northeast Nevada's Silver Stage Players have a snazzy new web site. Check it out!"
- from Rabbitbrush Susanna Dorr from Nevada

• "Hi Frank, I enjoyed your site. Very nice."
- Diane K. Quam The Vegas Dog from Nevada

• "Great site!"
- Ted Motor City Decals from the Internet

• "Cool into. It looks great."
- Kim & Ben McKnight from the Internet

• "Great site !"
-Mykal from the Internet

• "Frank, It looks good here. I got into all the pretty pages, loads nicely."
- cpacpa from the Internet

• "Cool Animation! Damn! You're pretty good at this stuff."
- David Grey from Nevada

• "I thought it was great. Wow, I liked it."
- Judie Hanson from Oregon

• "Cool animation, music!"
- Scott Jimmerson from Idaho

• "I think it looks great. Good job!"
- Stuart Pingree from Utah