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Design Lunacy is actually a pretty simple idea. Offer superior customer service and provide the most effective technological solutions in web design and development at won't-break-the-bank prices. We are a service dedicated to helping you establish the most creative, innovative, eye-popping, technology and multimedia driven presence on the Internet. As times and technology continue to change, it is crucial that you, your organization, or business understands what is happening on the web, and how it affects you. A superior-quality web site is a critical component for driving your target audience to you.

A web site is more than a URL, a page in the ether, a marketing strategy, a collection of random thoughts, part of a business plan. It's a statement. It's a presence. It's a means of bringing your products and services together with your clients through innovation and creativity. It's an important service that today's consumers, web surfers, Internet researchers, and the casual visitor expects. With so much riding on your site, you deserve professionals who can identify your needs and offer original, customized, technology-driven solutions that make your web site a success.

The web design and development team you choose must understand current and developing technologies, as well as web trends, and how to effectively target your site visitors. Look no further than to the fringe of web development and design...Design Lunacy that is!


Let Design Lunacy help you and your web presence. Let us bring the WOW factor to your site! Ask about our specials now!

DL wishes to welcome Touch of Heaven Spas of Elko, Nevada to the Design Lunacy family. Touch of Heaven is a full service spa and pool business, locally owned and operated, and known for its superior customer service! Please join Design Lunacy in welcoming Touch of Heaven Spas to the World Wide Web!


04.21.1988 Tandy Plans to Build IBM PS/2 Clones...

Tandy Corp. holds a press conference in New York to announce its plans to build clones of IBM's PS/2 system computers. The conference comes on the heels of IBM's announcement that it would license patents on key PC technologies, a move that signaled its willingness to let other companies clone its machines. Within five years, IBM clones became more popular than original IBM machines themselves.


Abbreviation of integrated services digital network, an international communications standard for sending voice, video, and data over digital telephone lines or normal telephone wires. ISDN supports data transfer rates of 64 Kbps (64,000 bits per second).

There are two types of ISDN:

Basic Rate Interface (BRI) -- consists of two 64-Kbps B-channels and one D-channel for transmitting control information.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) -- consists of 23 B-channels and one D-channel (U.S.) or 30 B-channels and one D-channel (Europe).

The original version of ISDN employs baseband transmission. Another version, called B-ISDN, uses broadband transmission and is able to support transmission rates of 1.5 Mbps. B-ISDN requires fiber optic cables and is not widely available.

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How do you navigate the murky, stormy waters of the Internet seas? One must have a guide, someone to lead the way and help steer clear of all the web pitfalls. Welcome to Design Lunacy, web designs and solutions from the fringe. Design Lunacy is a full service web design and development service. We are a dynamic team of professional website designers, graphic artists, and technology experts specializing in superior quality websites for groups, organizations, individuals, and small businesses. We strive to create web sites that will effectively promote your organization, products or services to the audience you want to speak directly to. Among our goals is to make your web experience pleasant, easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

Design Lunacy provides state of the art, effective, and outside-the-box technology solutions to help meet your web presence needs. We guarantee you will be treated fairly and honestly with prompt, courteous service from a development team who understands leading-edge technologies and how best you can utilize them to bring success to your business, personal site, or other web endeavor. Design Lunacy means experience! Our lead designer brings 20 years of Information Technology experience to the table. Check out our portfolio to view examples of our work.

Whether you are a small business, a startup, a club or group, a nonprofit or community service organization, or simply an individual looking for a way to say "hi!" on the world wide web in a creative and innovative fashion, we're here for you! Your future on the Net begins today...contact us by phone at 775.934.3721 or by e-mail to begin discussing your web development and Internet needs.